Criminal, administrative and constitutional law

Criminal proceedings and offences
For a defendant, criminal proceedings can represent a severe encroachment on his/her human rights. Criminal proceedings also entail a great deal of uncertainty until completed. The state has the upper hand in criminal proceedings. The police and the public prosecutor’s office are on its side and, in our legal system, sometimes also the (investigating) judge.

We provide professional representation of clients at all stages of the pre-trial procedure and criminal procedure. We also represent the injured parties in criminal procedures. We file criminal complaints or private criminal action on their behalf, as well as enforce indemnification claims.

We also represent clients in all criminal offence procedures. Offences are not only committed in traffic. Did you know that a labour law inspector can impose a fine of up to EUR 4000 on you if you do not have an organised record of working hours in your company?

Procedures before the constitutional court and the European Court of Human Rights
If you believe that individual acts of national authorities, the local community authorities and public authorisation holders have breached your human rights or fundamental freedoms and you have exhausted all available legal remedies, we can also advise you on exercising your rights before the constitutional and European court. If we establish that the case is suitable for the Constitutional Court, we will draw up a constitutional complaint. The same reasonably applies to a complaint before the European court.

For clients who express a legal interest, we compile an offer to review the constitutionality of a regulation.

Administrative procedures and disputes
Procedure for obtaining a building permit. Procedure for obtaining citizenship. Denationalisation procedure. Concession procedure. Administrative procedures significantly influence our lives every day in one way or another.

We provide advice and representation in all types of administrative procedures and in administrative dispute.

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Criminal, administrative and constitutional law

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