Corporate Law

Banking and financial law
Finance plays the most important role in the operations of any corporate entity and is inseparably connected with the entity’s fate. We boast invaluable experience in the representation of banks and leasing firms in court proceedings. We conduct due diligence reviews of real estate collateral under loan agreements, provide collection from defaulters on behalf of leasing firms and arrange real estate ownership status.

Tax legislation is changing at an extremely fast pace. Owing to the regular and thorough training of our experts, we are able to offer our clients, large international corporations, small enterprises and individuals alike, the right solutions for everyday tax dilemmas ranging from property tax to corporate income tax. We provide clear and concrete advice.

Insolvency law and financial restructuring
The explosion of insolvency proceedings over the past years has been only partly due to the general economic crisis. It was also due to amendments to the insolvency legislation introducing a stricter definition of insolvency. In any case, insolvency legislation has become very complex. Knowledge of related legal disciplines, such as corporate law, banking, taxes, real estate, labour law and representation in court proceedings is a must for an integral and timely approach to solving insolvency problems, especially in preventive financial restructuring procedures, which we have participated in several times on behalf of banks – borrowers.

We consult clients and represent them in all insolvency proceedings. We compile bankruptcy petitions, register receivables and other rights, follow official publications, vote in compulsory composition proceedings etc. We also provide representation to clients in all court proceedings related to insolvency.

Intellectual property and copyright law
Owing to the ever faster development of digital technologies, intellectual property law is gaining in importance as a branch of law. We regularly follow novelties in this field, which makes it possible for us to offer clients (from start-ups to established technological companies on the one hand and from advertising firms to self-employed creative professionals on the other) state-of-the-art knowledge.

We provide advice on all issues related to brands, models and patents, and copyright law. We represent clients in all copyright and intellectual property right protection proceedings and we draw up copyright and licence contracts.

Execution proceedings
We successfully represent creditors and debtors in all types of execution proceedings and receivable collateralisation proceedings. When representing creditors, we make inquiries about the debtor’s property status before filing for a writ of execution. We decide on the most suitable asset and item for execution based on the results of our inquiries.

Public contract awards
An increasing number of companies come across complex public tendering procedures in the course of their business. We provide consulting services for bidders and contracting authorities in all phases of the public contract award procedure. We help contracting authorities select the appropriate public contract award procedure and draft the tender documents, as well as advise and represent them in the procedure before the National Review Commission or in court proceedings. We most often represent bidders during the preliminary review, review, appeal and court proceedings.

Competition law
Rules on the protection of competition have an increasingly dramatic effect on the business of corporate entities on the domestic and global markets. Violations of competition law, both in the form of restrictive agreements and concerted action, can have irreparable consequences for company operations.

We consult clients and represent them in proceedings before the Slovenian Competition Protection Agency, either when they are suspected of having breached competition law (e.g. unfair competition, restriction of competition, abuse of a dominant market position) or to obtain approvals for various transactions (notification of concentration).

We also represent clients in court proceedings related to competition cases (compensation disputes etc.).

Corporate law
Owning and running a company creates various legal positions in which partners, shareholders, directors and management board members need assistance from legal experts. Our lawyers provide advice on all general corporate law matters every day.

We provide for the arrangement of all legal status forms of companies and consultancy from start-up to winding up. We draw up any type of legal act and advise on legal procedures. We also draft material for general meetings and chair such meetings. In addition, we act as partners’ and shareholders’ proxies at general meetings. We represent clients in procedures associated with the liability and powers of members of management and supervisory bodies. Furthermore, we prepare and provide advice on all forms of corporate contracts and participate in the preliminary phase of negotiations on behalf of the client, if necessary.

Real estate and construction
The ownership, holding and financing of real estate entail a wide spectrum of risks, which are difficult to manage without appropriate knowledge and experience. We employ knowledge and experience gained during many years’ participation in challenging real estate projects in advising legal and natural persons, representing them and minimising risks.

We draw up and review sales contracts, deeds of gift, lease contracts and other agreements on real estate, represent clients in procedures for acquiring building and operating permits, as well as in all court proceedings related to real property. We conduct due diligence reviews of banks and leasing firms to legally review real estate collateral or arrange real estate ownership status. We participate in large-scale construction projects, representing investors and contractors in all project phases.

Resolution of disputes
Companies of various sizes and from various industries, banks and leasing companies, trade unions, national authorities and sole proprietors have authorised us to represent them in a series of dispute resolution proceedings – from negotiation, mediation and arbitration to court proceedings – corporate disputes. Knowledge and experience are crucial for successful representation in such proceedings. Our lawyers possess both. When we give our clients an estimate of a successful outcome and cost projection, we tell them what they need to know, not what they would like to hear.

Sports law
Sports law regulates the intertwined network of relationships between athletes, their managers, clubs, sports event organisers, advertising agencies and sponsors.

We have many years of experience in representing all of the above, especially sports event organisers. We consult clients on the transfer of rights to media companies and we prepare the relevant licence, media and sponsorship contracts. We provide full legal support for sports organisations regarding their presence on the market and the regulation of relations with affiliated sports associations and clubs.

Transport law
Transport is a major branch of the economy. It is extremely diverse (road, railway, maritime, air transport) and closely connected to some other sectors (insurance, bank-leasing, industry etc.). Excellent knowledge of all related sectors of the economy allows us to offer our clients clear, precise and professional legal advice and to efficiently represent them in all transport law cases; from carrier liability, negotiations with banks and leasing firms in the event of disagreements on fixed asset financing, to representation in court proceedings.

Mergers & acquisitions
Mergers & acquisitions and takeovers of companies most frequently result in increased growth on the domestic and international markets.

In M&A and takeover proceedings we provide consultation services for clients (acquirees, acquirers, targets and financial institutions) in all stages of a transaction, paying special care to transaction structuring and to preparing and conducting a legal due diligence review, bringing in external tax and finance experts, if needed. We devote special attention to specific authorisations that the parties to transaction must obtain from the regulators. Here we rely on the excellent knowledge of the relevant legislation (banking, environmental legislation etc.).

We are most experienced in M&A and joint ventures of medium-sized enterprises in the finance and environmental sectors.

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