Civil law

Law of inheritance
Everyone sooner or later loses a person they are close to. Sadly, in the period of grieving, serious disputes often arise between heirs, even if they had previously lived in harmony. The most frequent cause is a lack of knowledge and understanding of the basic rules of inheritance.

We provide a whole range of services on the law of inheritance, from drawing up the last will to contracts of inheritance (deeds of conveyance, provision contracts – reservatum rusticum, life care contracts) to representation in inheritance proceedings and litigations.

Family law
The circumstances in which partners divorce or separate are practically without exception extremely emotional. As such, they require special traits from a lawyer, both professional and personal. We successfully consult clients on all aspects of family law. You have our many years’ experience, in-depth knowledge and discretion at your disposal.

We draw up all the necessary documents (proposal for a no-fault divorce, agreement on settlement of rights in property arising from the matrimonial relationship, agreement on child care and support etc.) and represent clients in divorce and other proceedings before courts (challenging or establishing paternity, contacts, alimony etc.).

Enforcement law
We successfully represent creditors and debtors in all types of execution proceedings and receivable collateralisation proceedings. When representing creditors, we make inquiries about a debtor’s property status before filing for a writ of execution. We decide on the most suitable asset and item for execution based on the results of our inquiries.

Real estate
The ownership, holding and financing of real estate entail a wide spectrum of risks, which are difficult to manage without appropriate knowledge and experience. We employ knowledge and experience gained during many years’ participation in challenging real estate projects in advising legal and natural persons, representing them and minimising risks.

We draw up and review sales contracts, deeds of gift, lease contracts and other agreements on real estate, represent clients in procedures for acquiring building and operating permits, as well as in all court proceedings related to real property. We conduct due diligence reviews of banks and leasing firms to legally review real estate collateral or arrange real estate ownership status.

Damages and insurance law
Traffic accident, work accident, animal attack, mobbing or product defect? Regardless of the type, cause and scope of damage, we ensure professional enforcement of the claim for damages against the party causing the damage or their insurance companies. We always try to first reach a settlement with the person responsible. If that is not possible, the procedure for claiming damage continues in court.

We also represent our clients, legal and natural persons, in all types of insurance law cases (the enforcement of claims from all types of insurance contracts and the related court proceedings, the conduct of procedures for establishing an insurance company before the Insurance Supervision Agency etc.).

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